I am always happy to accept commissions

Commissioning a picture can be a very interactive process. You collect as much material as you can in
photographic form & email it over. An outline idea is discussed, either by phone or email.

As the work is Collage, all the individual figures & objects are made up separately & tacked onto a background.
You are then send a jpg by email, so you can see how things are going. Its all in colour so you will get a
really good idea of what the finished piece might look like. The great thing about this is that everything is
still moveable, so you can change it around as much as you like & re painting little bits does not take
too long. You are kept updated at every stage & encouraged to suggest changes. Its all done by email at the
moment, & once the picture is completed it can be sent by Parcel Force. Customers are surprised by the
amount of involvement they can have! So why not give it a go for that special occasion or memory,
& be delighted by the results!

Why not go for something completely different for a loved one or friend?

You can include lots of their favourite things - Pets, travel, food & drink, horoscopes... The choice is yours

Below are some examples of Wildlife paintings where the client has had particluar subjects in mind

You could pick a more Cartoonlike style that works out more affordable as it is a bit quicker to do.

I often work this way for book and TV children's illustration. It lends itself to most subjects

The work can be framed or unframed, on paper with a window mount, board or canvas.

Prices depend very much on size & style, so just phone for a chat or send me an email.

07 909 604 909 or